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Total Learning and Talent Solutions for Enterprises

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    According to McKinsey, 60% of the occupations could have 30% of their activities automated by technology. Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40% of American workers would be part of the freelance economy.These megatrends are reshaping the future of work and enterprises now need to future ready their workforce through the implementation of workplace learning solutions to stay relevant.


    As a Lifelong Learning & Talents Platform, Lithan provides digital skills courses in Singapore through digital skills acceleration training, customised training solutions, customised contextual learning, and workplace learning solutions. Lithan also sources just-in-time skilled talents and facilitate continuous workplace learning to support enterprises in developing future ready workforce for the new digital economy. Leveraging on CLaaS, which is an on demand learning and mentoring platform, we provide non-invasive and personalized learning to deliver future skills in ICT System Management, Software Development, Business IT, Digital Commerce & Startup Entrepreneurship. Some classes include application programming course and app development course in Singapore.


    As an accredited CET (Continuing Education & Training) Centre with SSG (SKillsFuture Singapore), SSG will provide funding assistance & grants on course fee, salary support, curriculum contextualization & HR capability development for enterprises to embark on their journey to develop a future ready workforce.

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With 20 qualifications targeted at 4 essential digital skillsets through 55 modules, Lithan provides customizable and relevant training solutions to enterprises with on-demand CLaaS®.


Sales & Marketing

Digital Business Development

Digital Marketing 

Digital Commerce


Software Development

Web Development

Business Intelligence

Big Data Analytics


Enterprise Management

Agile Product Management

Agile Project Management

Digital HR Management


IT Management

Systems Management

ERP Application (SAP & Microsoft)


A study conducted by Intuit1 predicts that by 2020, 40% of the US workforce will be contingent, freelance workers. At present, the freelance economy is a skilled, available workforce that enterprises are already tapping on to fill talent gaps.


Lithan sources “digitally-enabled” talent, both full-time and on contingent basis, to support enterprises in maintaining an agile and lean workforce for the new digital economy.


Lithan’s “Place & Train” programme sources talent with job induction training for enterprises.


Lithan delivers on-demand “Contingent Talents” such as trained interns, freelancers and consultants for enterprises to maintain their variable workforce.


Our training programmes aims to transform employees into agile problem-solvers, able to continuously learn and adapt to the rigors of their jobs.



Through CLaaS@Work, Lithan facilitates continuous learning at your workplace to deliver an environment where work is learning and learning is work.

CLaaS@Work delivers contextualized curriculum, learning facilitators and mentors, and learning management technology on-demand, over the cloud, to support workplace learning.


Curriculum Contextualization

Every enterprise operates their business differently. With our team of expert learning consultants, Lithan helps you design a fully customized curriculum that will produce the learning outcomes that your business needs.

We enable On-Job Training (OJT) by developing OJT blueprints to deliver work-integrated learning.


Learning Facilitators and Mentors

Through our platform, you gain access to our learning facilitators who will work alongside your mentors to facilitate peer-to-peer social learning at your workplace.


Learning Management Technology

Through the cloud, our learning management technology delivers non-invasive, personalized and flexible workplace learning, on-demand.

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Online, learners can engage in self-paced e-learning with 24/7 access to econtent. For learners who need more help, virtual tutors will be available to provide 1-on-1 support regarding course materials or technical matters.


Offline, learners will attend flipped class lectures. By preparing for class, learning will be more active and effective as guidance can be given to ensure the correct skills are learnt. Through mentoring workshops which range from group mentoring sessions to 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, learners can be assured that assignments and projects can be completed effectively using relevant skills.


With access to our virtual labs, learners will be able to practice on proprietary software hands-on. Each learner will also be part of our peer-2-peer forums to engage in guided peer to peer learning with additional help from mentors and learning facilitators.


Finally, through assessments, learners can ensure that their knowledge is retained, learning outcomes are achieved and progress towards skills mastery.



We have 5 delivery modes to provide a complete online and offline learning experience. First, face-to-face delivery with campus lectures, mentoring sessions and short group work sessions. Second, livestream delivery for online flipped classroom and online live mentoring. Third, self-paced delivery as leaners have access to learning materials and video lessons online. Fourth, helpdesk support for 1-on-1 guidance for course material questions and technical issues and finally, peer-2-peer delivery with forums for discussions with coursemates.

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