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Our Admission and Administration Process

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  • Our Online registration process for enrolling in a course comprises of 5 steps in the following sequence:


    Step #1 Register Interest:


    As a learner, you may register your interest regarding the course of your choice either on the landing page or our product page, by providing your contact details, Resume (optional). You will receive an acknowledgement email, confirming your expression of interest.


    Step #2 Apply for course:


    Once you register your interest with us, our course consultant will follow up with you and perform an assessment on the course, funding and job eligibility criteria, either through online or inviting you to an event or through a face to face meeting.

    During this meeting, if found eligible, you will be asked to submit other documents such as IC, copies of academic certifications, photos etc.


    Step #3 Evaluation of Applicant:


    You may have to go through 1 or 2 evaluation process depending on the type of course funding and or type of the course itself.


    • Employability evaluation is only applicable to SSG funded course. Since all our courses are skills based and tied to a specific job role, During this evaluation you may be required to take an online technical assessment.

    In this regard, you will receive an email notification with online assessment link, date and time.


    • Academic Evaluation is applicable to all qualification courses. This is done based on your supporting documents, following your successful employability evaluation.

    Once you pass the academic evaluation, You will be sent an offer letter comprising of two forms – Form A and Form B.

    You may go through our offer letter and send us your consent by sign in the Form B


    Step #4 Release contract:


    As a final step in admission process, your will receive an email notification with contract, Pre-counselling acknowledgment, offer letter, Application form, advisory note and a link for e-signature.


    Step #5 Make Payment:


    Payment is followed by signing of the contract. You may make payments through the following modes:


    • Cash
    • Nets
    • Credit Cards (Master or Visa)
    • Debit Cards (Master or Visa)
    • Cheques
    • Bank Transfer
The Lithan Academy Student Handbook provides students with an easy reference to information needed during their studies. Although this handbook is not exhaustive, it includes valuable information to guide and inform students. The Student Handbook is available here.
A sample copy of the Lithan Academy Student Contract is available for download here (English). The CPE Standard Student Contract can also be downloaded from the CPE website.

Medical coverage for students

Lithan Academy is in an agreement with Liberty Insurance to provide medical insurance coverage for our international students and local students.





Medical Coverage is optional for all students in Private Education Institutes (PEI) to be covered by medical insurance with a minimal coverage of S$20,000, at least B2 ward in a government and restructured hospital. 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities).


Certificate of Medical Insurance is available for students to view and acquaint themselveswith.

The Medical Insurance Claim form can be downloaded here for claims. These claim forms can be then submitted to the Student Support Team.

  • How to Apply

    International Students are required to apply for a student pass if they wish to study full time in Singapore. Student Visa Application Form

    Applicants are required to submit the following documents to Lithan Academy


    • Student Visa Application Form
    • Lithan Academy Application Form
    • Two sets of eForm V16 and V36 duly completed and signed by the applicant at the relevant sections
    • 2 passport-sized photographs (against a white background)
    • Photocopy of the passport bearing personal particulars (photocopy)
    • Birth certificate (Notary certified true copies, translated to English)


    Other documents required:


    • Transcripts and certificates (Notary certified true copies, translated to English)
    • Photocopy of documentary proof of financial ability (bank statement/fixed deposit accounts/saving accounts)
    • Work experience certificate (if applicable)


    Applicants are required to submit the documents at least six weeks before course commencement date. Applicants are not required to be present in Singapore while their applications are being considered by Immigrations and Checkpoint Authority, Singapore (ICA). No extension of stay will be granted while the application is under processing.




ACADEMIC YEAR 2016/2017 - TERM 1

* Public Holidays - Hari Raya Haji (12 September 2016), Deepavali (29 November 2016)


ACADEMIC YEAR 2016/2017 - TERM 2

* Public Holidays - Christmas (25 December 2016), New Year Day (1 Jan 2017), Chinese New Year (28 & 29 January 2017)


ACADEMIC YEAR 2016/2017 - TERM 3

* Public Holidays - Good Friday (14 April 2017), Mayday (1 May 2017), Vesak Day (10 May 2017) 


ACADEMIC YEAR 2016/2017 - TERM 4

* Public Holidays - Hari Raya Puasa (25 June 2017), National Day (9 Aug 2017) 


Note: Dates are subjected to change based on extenuating situations.

Teaching weeks: 12 weeks

Term break: 1 week

Revision - 21-Jul-16


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  • Minimum attendance for Student Pass holders

    The student must not:


    • fail to attend classes for a continuous period of 7 days or more without any valid reason;
    • have a percentage of attendance less than 90% in any month of the course without any valid reason.

    The school will inform ICA immediately if the student fails to meet the above requirements.


  • Minimum attendance requirement for non-student pass holders
    (Non-government funded courses):


    • Students need to maintain minimum of 75% attendance
  • Minimum attendance requirement for non-student pass holders (Government funded courses):


    • Train Only mode — Students need to maintain minimum of 75% attendance
    • Place & Train mode — Students need to maintain minimum of 95% attendance
  • Transfer / Withdrawal


    The transfer / withdrawal application is subjected to the academy's approval. The time frame for assessing and replying to any request for transfer/withdrawal will not be more than 4 weeks.

    For students below the age of 18, the school must seek approval from the parents/guardians before approving the withdrawal application.


    All request for course withdrawal should be in writing and be accompanied with Course Transfer & Withdrawal form OPS-FR007. Verbal requests for withdrawals will not be entertained.

    "Transfer" means a student changes from one course to another course but remains as a student of school. For an approved transfer request, the original student contract must be terminated and a new contract must be signed.


    • If a student transfers from an existing course to a new course within school, the unconsumed tuition fees is transferable to the new module / unit
    • A transfer to another school is regarded as withdrawal
    • In the event that the fee for the transferred course is higher or lower, the student shall be refunded the surplus within seven (7) working days of application date or the student needs to top-up additional amount respectively (This should imply to unconsumed fee amount only).


    NOTE: This is only applicable if Lithan Singapore conducts more than one course.



    "Withdrawal" means the student is no longer a student of LA and student contract is terminated.


    • Status of student’s pass for international student (where applicable) will adhere to Standard Student Contract after withdrawing from the school
    • Issuing past attendance records to students who are enrolling in another course in another school
  • Withdrawal due to non-delivery of course


    Lithan will notify the Student within three (3) working days upon knowledge of any of the following:


    • It does not commence on the Course Commencement Date;
    • It terminates the Course before the Commencement Date;
    • It does not complete the Course by the Course Completion Date;
    • It terminates the Course before the Course Completion Date;
    • It has not ensured that the Student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organisation stated in Schedule A within any stipulated timeline set by CPE; or
    • The Student’s Pass application is rejected by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).


  • Withdrawal without cause


    • Transfer/ withdrawal procedure is available here
  • Feedback

    Lithan Singapore values feedback from students for the improvement of processes and services. Student feedback may be undertaken via:


    • Informal chat sessions with Lithan Academy Management (initiated by the management)
    • Emails to the Chief Operating Officer
  • Response time of complaint and feedback:


    Acknowledgment Reply: Within 24 hrs of the complaint date
    Official Reply: Within 7 working days of the complaint date
    Resolution Period: Within 21 working days


  • Complaints


    Complaints may be lodged formally through the Learning Support Executive. If the issue(s) cannot be resolved, the matter shall be brought to the Operations Manager's attention, finally escalating to the Chief Operating Officer, if necessary. Replies, written and/or verbal, shall be recorded and sent to the complainant for a formal closure of the issue(s).


    Dispute Resolution
    If all channel of complaints resolution fail, a third party mediation and arbitration will be recommended:


    Stage 1: Appeal against outcomes from formal grievance and complaint process
    (The complaint process refers to Complaint & Dispute Resolution procedure (OPS-PR005)) 


    Stage 2: Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC)
    If the settlement between the student and the education centre is reached at the mediation stage, a settlement agreement would be drawn up and endorsed by the respective parties, and the dispute is resolved.


    Stage 3: Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb)
    If the parties fail to reach a settlement through mediation, the student may escalate to arbitration for a resolution of their dispute.


    Appeal of Academic Marks 
    Students may make an informal query on the assessment result or contact their lecturers to provide a detailed breakdown of marks. For further clarification, he/she should contact Lithan Academy with a written application.


    All appeal outcomes are approved by the Academic and Examination Board. The decision of the Academic and Examination Board is final.


    Appeal of Academic Marks procedure is available here.


    Relevant Singapore Law, please visits http://www.singaporelaw.sg/

  • List of student support services:


    • Student Admission & Orientation
    • Requests and forms processing
    • Issue, cancel and renewal of student pass
    • Payment collection and issuance of FPS & Medical insurance


    Information about Singapore for student's pass holders
    As an international student you are required to abide by the rules and regulation as practiced in the country. You may familiarise yourself about the country by visiting the following link:



  • Career Services


    Learners are kept abreast the job market trends which enables them to make successful transitions into the IT space. The Talent Management Team includes experienced industry professionals who will guide and groom the learners in their job search. An extensive range of activities is available for the job seekers to increase the placement success.
    Our Activities:


    • One-on-One Career Consultation
    • Profile Builder Workshop – Resume Enhancement & Interview Skills
    • Open Session – Resume Analysis and constructive feedback to improve
    • Video Profiling – 1 minute personalised video on YouTube
    • Recruitment Drives – Monthly
    • Industry Talks – Various topics

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  • Be assured with our schemes


    Lithan Singapore has adopted FPS to provide protection for all fee paid by students. We have chosen insurance scheme to provide fee protection and appointed Lonpac Insurance Bhd. as our FPS Provider. Refer to FPS Insurance Certificate and the FPS Master Insurance Policy.


    About Fee Protection Insurance scheme:


    • The insurance premium will be borne by the student.
    • Lithan shall purchase insurance to protect the course fees paid by each student within 7 working days from the date of receipt of fees.
    • The insurance coverage shall commence from the fee payment date till the next payment due date or the course end date, whichever is earlier.
    • The student is notified of the insurance purchase.


    The PEI shall retain a copy of the student's Certificate of Insurance (COI). For more details on FPS, please visit the website of CPE at http://www.cpe.gov.sg/for-peis/protection-of-course-fees

  • Refund Policy in accordance with Clause 2 of our Standard Student Contract

    Refund for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course:


    Lithan will notify the Student within three (3) working days upon knowledge of any of the following:

    (i) It does not commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date;

    (ii) It terminates the Course before the Course Commencement Date;

    (iii) It does not complete the Course by the Course Completion Date;

    (iv) It terminates the Course before the Course Completion Date;

    (v) It has not ensured that the Student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organisation stated in Schedule A within any stipulated timeline set by CPE; or

    (vi) The Student's Pass application is rejected by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).


    Refund for Withdrawal Due to Other Reasons:


    If the Student withdraws from the Course for any reason other than those stated in Standard Student Contract (Clause 2.1), refund to the student an amount based on the table in Schedule D.

    Where Lithan approved the application for refund by the Student, the following circumstances shall apply: 

    The student shall be charged for all modules consumed
    Discounts/Rebates entitlement shall be forfeited
    Processing Fee, FPS Premium and miscellaneous fee shall not be refunded
    Refund will be paid in Singapore Dollars by cheque addressed to student


    The amount refunded is based on the date of student’s written notice of refund is received and approved, as indicated below, less any 3rd party charges.


    The refund table is as below;


    Refund During Cooling-Off Period:

    Lithan will provide the student with a cooling-off period of seven (7) working days after the date that the Contract has been signed by both parties. Lithan will refund 100% full course fee paid if the Student submits a written notice of withdrawal to the Lithan within the cooling-off period, regardless of whether the Student has started the course or not. Bank Charges will not be deducted.


    For Refund Procedure, click here.