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Craft Your Vision

Entrepreneurs spend their lives tinkering with a universe that doesn't yet exist. In this unit you will learn how to craft your vision for the future, as well as the mission you will undertake to get there. You will also learn how to manage your personal work priorities so you can be the most effective entrepreneur that you can be. These are the starting points of your entrepreneurial journey and where you will lay the foundations for your startup business.

Craft Your Vision

Achieve Product To Market Fit

Whether you are an existing business or just launching, a beautiful and seamless product to market fit enables you to gain more traction and grow your business faster. In this unit you will learn strategies to deeply understand your consumer in order to identify opportunities in the market. You will then learn how to explore those opportunities and develop a product or service to a point that makes customers say wow.

Craft Your Vision

Build An Attraction Model

Creating a marketing system that attracts your ideal customer is an achievement that most businesses never accomplishment. In this unit you will learn how to develop and systemise a marketing foundation that enables you to win more of the right customers. You will also learn how to use public relations, publishing and partnerships to become the go to person in your industry.

Craft Your Vision