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Disrupting Traditional Class with CLaaS

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Conventional classroom-based learning is no longer adequate particularly when it comes to delivering the essential skills required to deliver immediate value to employers. It is also highly time invasive to an individual or an employer as it takes them away from their home or workplace.  All this means low return on investment for both employers and employees.


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Our solution to overcome the ineffectiveness of the traditional class is CLaaS. Leveraging on learning technology and pedagogy innovations, CLaaS enables mass customized learning to deliver relevant, flexible and affordable learning to individuals and enterprises over the cloud, on demand


CLaaS (Competency Learning as a Service) is an on demand learning and mentoring platform that supports digital skills acceleration via Competency-Based Curriculum, Work-Integrated Applied Learning and Personalised Blended Learning.



CLaaS is aligned around a competency-based curriculum to deliver specific skills and competencies required by employers and the industry. Our qualification and modular courses are accredited to various skills and academic frameworks to deliver multidisciplinary applied skills required for future jobs.


We implement work-integrated applied learning pedagogy to ensure that our learning outcomes would result in improved KSAs - Knowledge, Skills and Ability. Our learners start with concepts understanding before following through


with knowledge application using real-life or simulated projects for higher order skills acquisition. Learning has no full stop for us as we deliver on-demand learning and mentoring for skills utilization and mastery at the workplace.




CLaaS is supported by our “Learning with EASE” learning architecture. It delivers self-directed E-learning, facilitates live learning Activities such as flipped classes & tutorials, provides mentoring Support and students get Evaluated for recognized credentials.


With EASE, an individual can personalize their learning journey for a non-invasive, just-enough and just-in-time learning. Learners can learn only what they need at their own pace anytime anywhere with alignment to their career and personal commitments.