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UNPAR+ Indonesia to develop future ready talents and enterprises with eduCLaaS


UNPAR+, a non-degree learning provider from Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Agreement with eduCLaaS Pte Ltd, the international subsidiary of Lithan Academy from Singapore, to be an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) for distribution of its CLaaS® Products in Indonesia.


CLaaS® certification programs enable digital upskilling of business and tech professionals for the digital economy. They adopt a work-based learning pedagogy with a competency-based curriculum for blended learning journeys that deliver tangible career and business outcomes.


Under the partnership, eduCLaaS at UNPAR+'s campus will deliver professional skills certification programs in business and IT domains. The programs are offered to candidates who want to update their business and IT skills, and transit to advanced careers.


eduCLaaS’s Founder and CEO, Leslie Loh said “Modern employers require plug-and-play candidates who can be productive from day one. Our skills certificate programs in business and IT skills develop job-ready professionals for the digitally disrupted economy. Our learners go through intensive bootcamp and are mentored personally while eduCLaaS’s curriculum is future-ready and regularly vetted by industry leaders. The learners are Glocal (Global yet Local) digital talents as they engage in border-less learning and working alongside international learners and employers, supported by over 50 regional campuses from across Asia.”


He further added, “We welcome UNPAR+ joining our Pan-Asia eduCLaaS platform for incubating Glocal (Global yet Local) digital talents ready for growth in the post-Covid digital economy.”


Budi H. Bisowarno, Director of UNPAR+ expressed optimism in the partnership, "The delivery of theoretical based learning has shifted to the delivery of practical experience-based learning that has an immediate impact on operations and daily activities. eduCLaaS has presented us with a great opportunity for creating and enriching a new segment for adult learning model based on digital and online platforms in Indonesia. This partnership can serve our fellow Indonesians, especially the younger generation who dream to pursue an international standard of higher studies.”


About Lithan and eduCLaaS


Lithan Academy is an accredited training organization endorsed by various government agencies under Singapore’s ministry of education.  We are EduTrust certified by the Council for Private Education (CPE) and a Centre for Continuous Education and Training (CET) appointed by SkillsFuture (SSG) Singapore. We are also an accredited international training center for Pearson UK.


eduCLaaS Pte Ltd is Lithan’s international subsidiary hosting our Pan-Asia eduCLaaS platform that connects higher education students, working adults, enterprises, employers, and higher education institutions for digital upskilling, digital career progression, digital transformation, and agile workforce development.


Lithan and eduCLaaS have served over 30,000 learners and 2000 enterprises with our network of over 50 campuses across Asia.


About UNPAR+


UNPAR+ is established to serve as a non-degree online provider for upskilling and reskilling professionals and businesspersons. With a noble aim to provide affordable higher education quality programs, which can be accessed online by as many people as possible for their life-long learning.


UNPAR+ carries the vision of Learning Beyond your Grip through Impactful Experience based learning.  Our mission is to provide non-degree online learning with relevant and up-to-date technical skills and knowledge in order to significantly upskill-reskill professionals and businesspersons, enhance their productivity, and increase the competitive advantage of their employers.


For online learning, the teaching techniques, experiences, and best industry practices are brought together to create excellence in the online courses environment for enhancing the learning experience and the most effective delivery mechanism. Both national and international professional certifications are also provided in certain areas such as digital business, data science, risk management, and financial modeling.

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