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Phu Xuan University, Vietnam to develop global ready digital talents with CLaaS®


Lithan Academy, an accredited digital skills accelerator from Singapore, has signed an alliance agreement with Phu Xuan University (PXU) to jointly offer its applied degree CLaaS® to collaboratively develop global-ready digital talents for achieving growth in the digital economy.


The unprecedented pace of digital transformation has resulted in critical skills gaps that businesses are struggling to fill. Such skill mismatches and skill churn have increased the need for rapid and continuous digital upskilling throughout a person’s career.


Lithan’s innovation to support these emerging learning needs is CLaaS® - Competency Learning as a Service. It adopts competency-based curriculums with work-based applied learning pedagogy to deliver knowledge acquisition in the classroom and on-the-job skills mastery at the workplace using real-world projects. CLaaS® is delivered in blended learning mode with experts mentoring from industry practitioners.


Under the partnership Lithan at Phu Xuan University’s campus will deliver following 1+3 years CLaaS degrees: Bachelor’s in - Digital Business, Digital System, and Software Engineering.


Lithan’s Founder and CEO, Leslie Loh said, “Rapid digitalization in the past decade, augmented by the Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated a new kind of talents for the new economy. CLaaS® with its advanced learning pedagogy empowers the learners with all the skills needed for this new environment We welcome Phu Xuan to join our expanding portfolio of university alliances across Asia to offer a borderless applied learning journey for developing global yet local digital talents that will lead the new post-Covid economy from the front.”


Ms Ho Thi Hanh Tien, rector of Phu Xuan University said, “We want to give our students work-ready and technical skills to join the world of work, not only in Vietnam but globally. Our students have acquired some online learning experience during the Covid-19 pandemic, we did test working with other institutions to deliver online courses. So, I think this year, it’s a good opportunity for Phu Xuan to cooperate with international partners in preparing our students with global-ready digital skills and empower them with international work experience.”


About Lithan Academy


Lithan Academy is a lifelong learning and talents platform connecting students, professionals, and enterprises to applied learning degrees, on-demand personalized training, and talent placement. Lithan is Edutrust certified and an accredited Centre for Continuous Education and Training (CET) by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), a government body under Singapore’s Ministry of Education. The academy is recognized for its learning innovations with awards including the Microsoft Global Learning Partner of the Year Award, Asia’s Pearson’s College of the Year Award, and IAL’s (Institute for Adult Learning Singapore) innovPLUS Flame Awards.


About Phu Xuan University


Phu Xuan University was established on July 11, 2003, and is the first and only non-public university in Hue city. In 2018, EQuest Education Organization invested in the school to turn it into a modern university, of high social esteem and international stature. With the comprehensive investment in facilities and training programs, Phu Xuan University endorses the values ​​of advanced and modern higher education. ‘Learning Office’ and ‘Learning Project’, the first-of-their-kinds training models are implemented to maximize students' working abilities. Core educational values: Attitude - Skills – Knowledge. Mission: To honor the core educational values, promote the comprehensive construction of Attitudes - Skills - Knowledge for learners.

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