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Future Ready your Career



"80% of the youth worldwide fear losing their jobs due to disruptive digital technologies and have to learn new skills".
- 2015 ICM Unlimited and Infosys survey

"86% of college provosts think their graduates are work ready but only 11% of business leaders agree."
- 2014 Gallup poll of over a million students and business leaders

Be Relevant

Stay relevant and competitive in the new digital economy. From Primers to Modular courses, acquire new skills on-demand.

Craft Your Vision

Train & Place

For Non-ICT professionals, we provide qualification courses to fast-track their career transitions to technology and technology management. For new graduates, we provide tech career induction training with job placements ("Train & Place").

Craft Your Vision

Skills Upgrading

For Tech professionals, we deliver continuous skills upgrading and job specialization training in technologies that power the future. We aim to keep their skills up to date in order for them to remain relevant and competitive in the digital economy.

Craft Your Vision